Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bulldozer? Sandy Bridge? ATI?

With the recent release of Sandy Bridge, Intel seem to have taken a leaf out of AMDs book.
These cpus are benchmarking much higher than the processors that Intel would usually sell for this price, for $320 you can purchase the i7-2600k. This benchmarks only slightly lower than the i7 970, which is almost three times the price.
In saying this AMD are going to try to regain some grounds with the introduction of Bulldozer, and Bobcat.
AMD are hoping that this will be the success that Opertron was against Intel in the server sector.
Again, as a blog i'm trying my best to be impartial so we'll just have to see.
I just hope that AMD sticks to its guns and continues to offer very effective processors.
Unfortunately with the recent problems AMD has had with its ATI graphics cards they are going to be trying hard to keep their market share and possibly increase it with the impending release of the GTX 560.
What is ATI going to do? They are going to be lowering the price of all 6XXX series graphics cards, and with an impending driver release for all of these to attract a serious amount of attention back to themselves (after the unfunctional drivers for newly released cars and the fan/component conflict which ended with having to sand down the corner inside so the fan would fit) but other than that we can only hope that ATI continues pushing forwards in its endless fight with nVidia.

For now I say goodbye, until next time.
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