Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Llano, an AMD production.

AMD seems to be giving its all to regain a greater market share. Llano will be the desktop and mobile new chips available mid 2011, as we know now the Bulldozer will be facing off with the Xeon and Bobcat will compete with the Atom.
The Llano though, that is a different matter altogether, it is redefining the idea of a cpu, for it isn't a cpu, it's an APU. An APU is a combination of a CPU and a GPU, rolled into a single chip.
You'd first believe there is speculation to if this would perform well enough to be a good investment if you want a powerful pc? Well it is.
It has been measured to be equivialent in cpu power to a Phenom 1090T, the 3.2Ghz Hex-Core from AMD, so you're thinking so far it's got at least a decent level of calculating power, but what about the graphics aspect? Before I point this out, I'll state this.
You do not need to buy, a seperate graphics card if you have Llano.
So with that in mind, the graphics power will be equal to a 6000 series HD radeon.

So in summary, that's a 1090T, 6000 series HD radeon, in a single chip, which is a quarter the size of a phenom cpu.
With this being AMD, you can only expect the price to be mindblowing.

I can't wait to see how it benchmarks in all honesty, I truly believe it could be a good investment.
But for now, i'll love you and leave you. Till next time.

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