Wednesday, 25 May 2011

AMDs comeback.

The new release from AMD are coming into fruition, APUs, Accelerated Processing Units.
Their releases are for june, in which Llano for the laptops and desktops are available.
The Llano is the only new release hanging on to the original K10 architecture which was shown with the Phenoms beforehand, both the Zambezi and the Bulldozer will be composed of a new architecture.
Although this being said, the Llano is which has an on chip graphics die, the chips being focused more on balanced gpu usage with our ever changing ways of using computers.
The Llano are being released at Computex on June 1st, and the on the 7th for the desktop.
With the ever prominent AMD ethics of chip pricing, you can expect a Llano to cost approximately $300-350.
AM3+ compatible motherboards are already on the market, AM3 chips are compatible, so investing in a motherboard now and waiting is possible, just not advised.
In my opinion I cannot wait until these hit the market, how they take on SandyBridge will be very interesting to watch.
I'll probably be buying one relatively soon after release, i'm very excited.

Until about later on today when I update once again!

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