Wednesday, 15 June 2011

SSDs and Laptops: The Heaven Combination

When you get money rolling in and you happen to have a penchant for buying technology it gets very tempting to spent it on things which aren't particularly necessary, for instance, putting a SSD into a laptop.
I'm very tempted to do this, my laptop runs everything I want it to, for instance Minecraft and the few other games I occasionally play, but having the ability to boot and recover from sleep as fast as SSD's show you can then it is hard not to.
Obviously the problem with doing this in a laptop and not a desktop is that if you do not have two hard drive bays then the SSD will be the only capacity in your laptop, so a size too small isn't going to be helpful, which means the price which you can actually start buying at goes up.
For me i'd probably go for around a 240/300gb hard drive, my current hard drive is 320gb and I have a serious amount of space in there which I know i'll never fill.
Then it comes down to speeds, you're going to pay more if you want a larger impact on the boot times, a normal hard drive will probably read at about 70mb/s, when it's in a decent condition, so if you're going to be spending around 200-250$.
At these prices the read speeds vary from 210mb/s to around 400, so it really depends what reviews you've heard or what size you want really.
I'm probably going to buy either a crucial or an ocz, I know both are very capable of what i'd task them with so when I get round to it, I'll buy it.

Goodbye for now.

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