Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bulldozer took it's time.

Looks like the bulldozer modules are finally here, Zambezi has arrived.
The unfortunate point is that the benchmarks may not be as promising as previously expected, this being let down in some amount by the architecture of the chip, for even in the FX-8150 there are only four FPU schedulers, which is even less than the 1100T, the highest rated Phenom. Where the FX does begin to pull back some ground is when rendering, video compression and conversion are involved, the multiple modules and cores really having an impact on the performance.
I've been waiting all this time to see what I should build my new pc as, I expected more from the Bulldozer, considering this is the flagship chip, and to see it lose out to the i5 2500k and even the 1100T in tests isn't good. In the end it comes down to what you want to do with the chip.
Although in the future, the sound of bulldozer modules housed in an APU does sound promising, as long as they put a few more FPUs in there and keep the prices down, i'm sure we'll all be happy.

I'll be updated a lot more regularly, keep posted.
Until next time.

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