Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bulldozer: The Aftermath

Since all the official benchmarks have now been released, we know about how Bulldozer has been competing. Unfortunately, it's not great.
After all this time it's still having to compete with the i5 2500k, sure in some places it gets ahead but it general it doesn't balance out as a great chip, the IPC is even beaten by the Phenoms, which is never a good sign. A new stepping, B3 should be coming out soon, not soon enough if you ask me.
We need to know more about this stepping to see what kind of improvements it could make, there have been claims that a registry fix is also necessary to improve Bulldozer, improvements of 40% have also been claimed, but you'd expect that such an improvement could not be entirely down to the registry.
I'm sure new benchmarks will come out with the stepping, hopefully affecting that huge power drain and the TDP, people are still buying the chip regardless of it's current problems, if there is such an improvement with this second stepping.. I wonder how those people will feel, they've been through a lot already if they're still willing to by the chip.
That's all for now, more ranting and raving at a later date.
Have a nice day.

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