Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Trinity, Llano on steroids

It looks like after the unfortunate performance Bulldozer came out with, there is at least some good news coming out.
The 7000 series radeons should be out before christmas, which would be a nice addition but in this article i'm focusing on Trinity, the successor to Llano.
As a bit of a back story, Llano used the K10 architecture from the Phenoms, capable of a decent workload and with graphics on die it was a very good budget desktop.
Trinity is hoping to expand on this by making it more powerful, the x86 cores are going to be 2nd Generation Bulldozer cores. (Here's hoping it's the B2 stepping at least)
On the graphics side of things, AMD are hoping for a 30% increase in the performance, which seems odd considering the original quote was 50%,  but we're going to assume that AMDs engineers aren't going to be as optimistic after the release of Bulldozer.
A main concern of these particular chips is that if they're going to be using the Bulldozer modules then are put into laptops, they better have sorted the power consumption for the power consumption were seeing from the full Bulldozer chips is outrageous if you're planning on putting that into a mobile unit.
It'd be nice to see how this chip would perform in comparison to the Llano, I won't be buying one but it's good to see AMD continuing with some products that will have a market.
My next blogs will be on Ivy Bridge, and then who knows.
Hope you enjoyed the post.
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